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So for now, we bring you these three varieties for your Gifting Needs.


Gazing at the sunrays passing through this honey is like listening to "The Temptations" singing "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day". Clear, transparent, sweet, this honey is the perfect accompaniment to your muesli, porridge, black / green tea, ice tea. Kids love it!


A brown, distinct tasting honey, Bishop's Weed or Ajwain is consumed on its own (food) utilized as a food ingredient and applied as a cosmetic. It whets your appetite, aids digestion; and along with youghurt (curd) helps remove pimples.


Natural, dark amber and gut-wrenchingly aromatic, this mildly sweet, mineral rich honey is a treat when you have figs and you are looking for a dip!


Visualize a snowy visual extravaganza that spills out of your panoramic view when one talks about Himalayas. This dark brown, rustic and intense honey plays with your taste buds and leaves it wanting for more. A cosmetic genius, a face pack with this honey is your answer to look as refreshingly breathtaking as the Himalayas.


A natural honey, untouched by pollutants, extracted for you from thousands of feet up in the mountains. This honey is chocolate brown, fragrant and delicious. If you like bread / toast, then this honey is the able accompaniment. Toast your multigrain bread to the perfect golden crisp brown, wait for the toast to cool a little, and pour out the honey to your liking. Lose yourself!


Light amber, pleasantly fragrant and a dulcet tasting honey, if you are a baker then this is a secret ingredient for you. You get sweetness, fluffiness and preservation, not to forget the glamor quotient of Lychee Blossom to your goodies


The richness of minerals from numerous plants and their properties are all packed into this honey. This honey is a natural mild brown and lightly intense. Use this in your morning water with lemon squeeze. This concoction is popularly used for detoxification and weight reduction
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There are over 300 varieties of honey in the United States alone. India boasts of greater varieties than that.  India's geography from the Western Ghats to the Himalayas to the Deserts of the West to the untouched lands of the North East carry phenomenal range of soils, trees, fruits, flowers and medicinal plants.  Temperature fluctuates,rainfall varies, flowering becomes erratic and yet Bees are at work.The spectrum of taste, texture, color and density is unparalled.
That bees can fly carrying nectar or pollen close to their own weight?Many of the sophisticated aircraft designs of today can only fly with a quarter or more of their weight.