The Incredible Insect
Can you imagine a delicately built insect having to work night and day, with enemies abound, buzzing around seeking nectar and or pollen to make honey for you! These incredible little creatures need two kinds of foods, the pollen or the nectar. When the nectar is sucked out they are kept in their little sacs to be brought back to home base for the creation of honey. They are also used as their own source of energy when they need it. The change from nectar to honey takes place when the moisture content is reduced from about 70% to 20%. While honey is getting manufactured they are stored and capped with Beeswax in anticipation and preparation of little baby bees, incredible still!
Honey R Us
What do we have for you?
The incomparable, the 'Taste India', the "Beeautiful Honey" is brought to you from deep within the forests, from the foothills as well as the high altitudes of Himalayas, from the jaws of the endangered species and through the humbled livelihoods in India.

We want to bring to you something natural and unavailable in the market. It may bee the final product itself, the way in which it is made or the ingredients with which it is made. We see this accessibility and transparency missing in India and if available, in small pockets, and often unaffordable to many.  

Diwali isn't the same without something sweet and something that is good for you to eat. Try our sweet honey and say "Happy Diwali" with Honey. Say it like it hasn't been said before. Don't take the risk of having your box of sweets, dried fruits, fruit baskets and chocolates re-gifted from house to house!

You are Different. You pride in being innovative and thoughtful and care for people you love. While everyone gifts the same 'run-of-the-mill' traditional gifts of fruit baskets, dried nuts and sweets, you do so with our Premium Select Honey. It comes with a informative literature to excite, inform and handhold the variety of uses of honey.

England some of the landowners would accept honey as a part payment towards rent from the tenants.

Take advantage of the following options for this festive season:

A. A pack of bottled Premium Select honey for your business gifting to valuable:
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Business Associates
  • Professional Network / Contacts
  • Friends and relatives
B. Family and your inner circle of friends.

C. For your Gifting Need:
  • Housewarming
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • House Gift
  • Sangeet and preparation for the big day
  • Birthdays
  • Slumber Parties
D. Your personal consumption. Of course it will be more than 450 gms!

Few of us are aware that honey has a longer shelf life, free of non food grade chemicals used in sweets, dangerous gases used to ripen fruits and FDA blocked treatment process used in dried fruits and stale nuts.

Our offering is very competitive and you can be sure its honey..
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Honey; one true ingredient as nature intended